IT Band Tightness-A Major Problem

IT Band tightness has been a major problem for years. From Runners, cyclists, basketball and baseball players to gymnasts, dancers, weight lifters and the average person IT Band tightness is a rampant and often debilitating issue. If there’s a problem with our lower bodies then most likely the IT Band(s) will be a part of or be the main problem. Long before there was stretching there was walking and running, so people have been dealing with IT Band tightness virtually since we’ve been walking. Plus, even when we know about our tightness we don’t always know how to loosen it. What seems to happen is that as our lower back and the rest of the core muscles get weaker our hip muscles take up the tension and do the job of the core/lower back. This places tension on our hips and subsequently our IT Bands. Also, because as humans and athletes we move in all different directions, so our legs need to be strong from every possible angle. Think about a soccer player and all the stopping and starting to run, changing direction and backpedaling. If our bodies aren’t strong the IT Band tightness begins. One good thing, by keeping our core muscles and hip abductors strong we can help neutralize this tension. Another way is to stretch the IT Band.
The other entity covering the lateral aspect of our legs are the lateral myofascial meridians. The meridians co-join with the connective tissue of the IT Bands and often are nearly intertwined or wrapped in certain areas of our legs. Loosening this troubling band is not as clear cut as a normal stretch for a normal muscles. Because the band and the fascia co-join it causes a winding effect down the leg, which can be unwound if you find the correct angle. That’s right, it winds like a webbing or a cable could.
Some of the issues that can be directly related to IT Band tightness are knee problems; the knee cap gets pulled to the outside making this hinge joint crooked and off line causing pain. Hip joint issues; from misalignments inside the joint that could lead to the now popular hip replacement surgery or just hip pain, plus certain shin, ankle and foot issues. Stretching the area is tricky but it can be done quite effectively. Lying on your back , you take your left leg and bring it across your body so it’s perpendicular to your torso, then reach to the outside of your foot with the left hand and hold. (use a belt or strap if your cannot reach with your hand). Any questions reach Steve at

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