Myofascial Training

A New Approach to Correcting Myofascial Meridians and Peoples Posture. 

There are many different techniques being used in myofascial training these days. Symmetry Technique is one that makes logical sense, just like myofascial meridians make sense in stabilizing the body from several different angles. We know about the well documented myofascial meridians from several sources, however myofascial training with the execution of getting these meridians to become realigned is a new and exciting field altogether. It improves posture and body function and relieves pain quickly for those with imbalances.  Symmetry Technique has helped hundreds of people make posture changes and rid themselves of pain, oftentimes in one treatment.

Symmetry Technique first figures out where imbalances in the myofascial meridians are and then goes about correcting them using certain myofascial training exercises. Each myofascial meridian has it’s own exercises that would incorporate all of the muscles that help to make up that meridian. This is how we can use myofascial training to improve posture and change the tilt in our pelvis and have us land on our feet so our gait is proper. So many of these things we take for granted until they begin to hurt or we notice our posture worsening. The answers are here in this website and also in the Symmetry Technique.

If you are familiar with the myofascial meridians you can see how certain muscles coincide with the meridians. Symmetry Technique uses myofascial training to create balance in the myofascial system. We know about the superficial and deep back and front lines which we can train to be symmetrical using certain exercises. We can also create symmetry in the 4 arm lines in the upper body. The lateral lines can be trained with particular exercises as well as the rotational lines. Each meridian has it’s own exercises to strengthen and add stability or loosen and add flexibility until the entire bodies myofascial system is symmetrical. This technique is the combination of over 20 years of myofascial exercising and creating symmetry across the entirety of the body.

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