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Muscles, bones, tendons, ligaments, and the 12 main myofascial meridians that connect us all

Written by sgonnelli

Myofascial meridians supersede muscle in overall importance and function in the human and other animal bodies. This webbed net that is literally all over our insides holding and encapsulating areas of muscle, organs, and systems in everyone of us.This network of a sticky webbing has distinct role’s in all that we do. When aligned they help us move and function at our very best. When fascia has restrictions, then there are other restrictions further down the line.

We all know what bones are and their importance. We know that tendons connect muscle to bone and ligaments connect bone to bone. But, what is fascia and what are myofascial meridians? I first remember hearing about it or felt it when I had plantar fascitis and had been prescribed a pair of orthotics back in 1996.

Luckily, I learned about fascia from a brilliant man, a man who was ahead of his time and knew then what they are just touching on in the recent present.  Hopefully I’ll help you and the millions of other people who can and will benefit from this type of training. Fascia is connective tissue and myo meaning muscle and tissue mixed or cojoined and even overlap. There are 12 major lines of fascia, 4 in the arms and 3  front and back lines plus a spiral, lateral lines, and between them and when they are trained properly they help us to stand up straight, move more fluidly, and perform at our best.

symmetrical myofascial meridians equals maximum human function

symmetrical myofascial meridians equals maximum human function

These 12 lines work off of each other. If there’s a problem with one them the pain may be in that same line on the other side of the body. It’s super interesting but most importantly when you train these lines to be where they should be, we achieve maximum functionality. Not only that, but once you are realigned you’re pain free and can do things you thought not possible.

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  • Nice site. Alot of good information to assist me with my own quest for a life of wellness. Your knowledge, expertise, and focal points are a great resource.

    • Thanks Tom, I’m glad the information is useful to you. Let’s set up a full routine for you soon.
      all the best,

      Steve G

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