Lower Back Weakness-The Human Race’s Biggest Physical Concern Part 1

Written by sgonnelli

As we grow and become more athletic our lower back muscles (spinal erectors) become weaker which leads to a host of problems all stemming from this imbalance. The spinal erectors and multifidus are extremely important muscles as well as the back line myofascial meridian that are right in the middle of this foundational line. The same happens for those who spend several hours sitting at a desk, unless of course we strengthen the muscles and reinforce the back lines functionality. If we keep this overlooked area of our “core” strong we can avoid problems but if we do not keep this area strong then the emphasis and extra stress is shifted to the upper and outer hips, our hip flexors, the gluteus medius, IT bands, and hip rotators causing an increase in the curvature of our lower back and leading to tightness all the way down to our toes.

Eliminating lower back weakness makes all the difference

This negatively affects the lateral lines of fascia. Little by little our feet begin to rotate outward increasing the arch in our feet as well. Yikes! But it’s true, even strength training athletes, distance runners, and full term pregnancies affect this back curvature and the subsequent events that follow.The worst part is this series of events is usually not noticed until we feel pain, so it’s much smarter to keep our low backs strong then have to make serious corrections later on. The Symmetry Technique focuses on the “core” which the lower back is a major part of so that these areas are strong, flexible, and functionally sound. Symmetry equals physical harmony. That is my goal for all to achieve. More in depth information can be found here

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