Handedness and it’s Effects on Posture and Performance

Written by sgonnelli

Handedness has so many effects on daily life, some we may not know about.9 out of every 10 people are right handed so what we see is that the right shoulder is more inwardly rotated  and tight in the front deltoid  pec and coracobrachialis areas on righties and the same with the left side on lefties. This also means that the front arm fascia lines are tight and cutting off maximum function to muscles that intertwine or connect to them in some way. Conversely, the back arm lines will be weaker and longer than they should be because the front is pulling them forward.

What happens from here can vary from minor discomfort to terrible pain. For an athlete or even a person who exercises regularly this could be the make or break for continuing or stopping an activity or sport.             

This, no doubt is due to the movements and positions that we perform with our dominant side on a daily basis. Those who play throwing sports are usually very inwardly rotated and concurrently weak in the antagonistic muscle groups. A sad but true analogy is a pitcher who throws forcefully and inwardly. For years pitchers were tearing their external rotators because they didn’t strengthen them or the internal rotators were so much stronger that the external rotators couldn’t stabilize the joint as  they’re supposed to and snap, the external would tear.

Musicians, dentists, surgeons, construction workers, office/computer operators, hair stylists, secretaries and even body workers themselves are affected on a daily basis. Also as we age and don’t fix the problem and the imbalances get worse and lead to more issues.

The Great News is that it can be corrected quickly and with some extra effort each shoulder can attain equal strength. That’s when posture becomes better, pains go away for good and our meridians are back to where they should be. Using the symmetry technique of myofascial realignment we feel:

younger, stronger, straighter, and more energeticPro

younger, stand up straighter, become stronger, and are much more energetic!

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