Steve Gonnelli – My Education & Background

My name is Steve Gonnelli, the founder and owner of The Symmetry Technique.  I’d like to tell you about myself, about this system of helping people I encountered, and why you can trust me to help you make your life pain free.

I’m 46 years young and for 40 of those years I’ve been either playing sports such as: football, baseball, basketball, dodgeball, wrestling, wiffle ball, etc or other cool activities such as: bicycle and dirt bike riding, skiing, surfing, sky diving, rock climbing, motor cycle riding and of course weight training. I was always naturally athletic, but the weight training, I feel, was the most important and crucial of all my athletic activities. Why? Because it made me stronger, especially around my joints. I improved athletically, and I became more confident. My endurance increased so I was able to get better at sports, and I am able to play at a high level to this very day. Now that I’ve applied the Symmetry Technique I plan to keep playing til I’m 100.


After high school I started college, and I did not know what I was going to major in until I looked into the Movement Science program. The athlete in me was hooked by this program! Five years later I had earned my B.S. as an Exercise Physiologist and began a career as a personal trainer. Now, after 24 more years of experience and education I’m still an EX,PHYS but now I do body alignment work or postural corrections and pain management. I’m a Corrective Exercise Specialist and work to bring the Myofascial System back into balance. My greatest influence and teacher was Nestor Savas who turned me on to myofascial balance and since then it’s been the main focus of my work and a big part of my life. Almost 20 years years working on myself and hundreds of other people has afforded me the experience and ability to help other people perform work with optimum functionality and to stand with their shoulders back and heads high without pain.

Some of my other crucial influences are the works of Tom Myers and his “Anatomy Trains” series, and Ida Rolf who pioneered the study and treatment of fascia in the 1920’s with her structural integration or myofascial balance method. Also of importance to this science are the ancient works of the Greek Thesalius who introduced or discovered fascia and it’s importance way back in 400 B.C.E.