About the Symmetry Technique

What is the Symmetry Technique, and how can it help you?

The Symmetry Technique can eliminate pain, improve posture and make you look and perform your best. The Symmetry Technique is a combination of 23 years of training experience, education, and research. It can reduce or eliminate pain often in one treatment.

When I first began to master the symmetry technique I wanted to show everyone how it works, and to fix all kinds of problems that people were having. I wanted to help their posture and straighten out their overly curved lower backs. I realized that the Symmetry Techniques can be applied to a wide range of candidates.

The Symmetry Technique can be helpful for:
  • Anyone looking to improve their posture or relieve aches and pains or numbness from either overuse or acute injuries.
  • Anyone who spends a lot of time at a desk can benefit from these techniques because they address the myofascial issues you may have. The exercises, along with a stretching routine, will help you to combat one of today’s most common problems.
  • Beginner weight training enthusiasts will benefit from these techniques because they teach the best training habits, plus they build a solid foundation of strength and stabilize potential weak spots.
  • Advanced weight training enthusiasts will correct their issues and imbalances while they continue to train and perform the sports and activities that they have always done and more. “They’re going to enjoy staying on the court, course, or field”.

You do not need to be athletic or in good shape. The Techniques, when executed properly, will identify and address the needs of just about anyone.

Our Treatment Process – Making You Pain Free

First we do a complete evaluation of your movement habits and history. Then we look at your overall health and figure out what the issues may be. This includes a form about your health and medical history and any past or present injuries.

Next, we do a visual assessment using pictures of you from the front, back, and each side. (You will be providing the photos or video… please remember to stand naturally.)

Finally, we write you a personalized exercise prescription, and from there you will be ready to start your routine! (Videos and still pictures will be at member’s fingertips, so members can perfect their form and maximize results).

The work must be done by each individual, and the way that I can help you the most is by you helping me.

When filling out your assessment form please give me the most accurate account of your medical, exercise and recreation, and sports playing history. Also, when submitting your photos and video please stand and walk as you normally would (without trying to stand up straight). This is the best way that exercises can be prescribed and be effective.

Fill out your assessment here, and I’ll contact you to go over details, training options and next steps.

symmetrical myofascial meridians equals maximum human function